Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic and has two divisions; the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Ireland is one of the few rare countries in the world that has managed to preserve its natural beauty in spite of its continuous progress and development. 

Ireland is globally recognized for its quality education among international students and is a base for some of the best universities in the world. The high-quality education system attracts students from all over the world it. The education system in Ireland is one of the best in the world and offers several degrees and diploma programs to the resident as well as international students. The country offers many advantages to students who are flocking from all over the world to study in Ireland.


Life in Ireland

Ireland has its uniqueness as it occupies beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, famous hospitality, and rich culture of music, drinking, and sport. There are beautiful places in Ireland to explore, including the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher, and has a rich history and very beautiful historical places too.

Why Study in Ireland?

The Irish have always prided themselves on the warmth of their welcome and are rightly famed for making visitors to our shores feel at home. And as one of the safest counties in the world, we provide an environment where security is taken as read. Our receiving universities all have formal integration programs in place, making sure that all our Study Abroad guests settle in quickly and easily.

Universities in Ireland offer degrees in all kinds of fields. If you want to take advantage of programs in which the country excels on a global scale, however, then pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and technology are the fields to pursue. 

List of Document Required

  • Letter of Acceptance from a Recognised University.
  • English proficiency requirements g. IELTS, TOEFL
  • A certified copy of your academic transcripts, educational certificate (Degree, Diploma etc.)
  • Photo copies of first and last pages of your passport.
  • Passport sized photographs.

EuroLife Student Services

  • Advise choosing the right University or College.
  • Help selecting the right study programs based on candidate’s academic profile and career interest.
  • Help students with the admission to the College or University as per their choices.
  • Help preparing the complete application for Student Visas.
  • Help with the extensions of Study Permit.
  • Help finding a job while studying or after finishing study.
  • Help preparing the application package for Multiple Entry Visa.
  • Help students with Permanent Residency.

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